These are some projects I've made.

A collection of websites, designs, and sample apps.


I made this game prototype for the InterHackt designathon in December 2020. Hyperpoetry is an experimental art game that links different quotes together in colorful, semantically meaningful ways. It was voted "Most Creative" by the participants of InterHackt.

built with:

  • Figma

Next.js and Sanity To-do App

Made a simple to-do app with Next.js, and Sanity. Created for a tutorial in Sanity's Guest Authorship program.

built with:

  • Sanity
  • Next.js

Infection House

Infection House is a litmag of COVID-19, and my first foray into web design. It was made using Wordpress and the Elementor page builder. I made custom submission forms, templates for prose, poetry, and art pages, as well as author bios with donation buttons. Our contributors hail from four different continents, and at the time of writing we have almost 19,000 views.

built with:

  • Wordpress
  • Elementor